Tascosa Red (David Strickland), was 49 years old (7/19/60-7/31/09).  He had been in poor health for several years due to diabetes, and heart problems. He was not a veteran, which broke his heart, as he had longed to follow his fathers footsteps. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Dave was intrested in Colt Pistols, cowboy lore, Mauser Rifles and the Second World War. He shot CAS for several years in the D/FW area, but was not a member of SASS. A gunnut, most of his friends worked at gun shops. He was a writer, but unpublished, and had a funny rejection letter from Playboy that he was very proud of.  His favorite movie was Silverado, followed by Quigley Down Under.  He liked the historical accuracy of the firearms used in the flicks.

Curly Thom Mabry
Tascosa Red
David Strickland