What Takes You Back?

What takes you back to the old days
And just how far back do you go?
Is it the sight of a old classic car
Or maybe the winter’s first snow?

What is it that triggers your lost youth?
Some pink cotton candy to share?
Or the smell of fresh popcorn a poppin?
Warm night at a small county fair?

Is it sight is it sound is it smell is it taste?
Maybe it’s all of those things
All I know is you just can’t control it
No matter from where it might spring

As I gazed yesterday through a window
At an old antique store that I know
There sat a Roy Rogers Six-gun
And I started to smile big and slow

I was seven years old and a tiger
Surrounded by crooks and bad hands
I took ‘em all on with no worry
A cap pistol blazed in each hand

My fearless dog Max bared his choppers
(Or as best as a Wiener dog could)
We battled the bad guys together
And sent ‘em all packing for good

Then back to the bunkhouse all winded
As Mom served up the fresh grub
Peanut butter and jelly, and Koolaid
I call that good cowboy food, Bub!

Yup those were good times sure as shootin
I thought as I smiled once again
And I turned and walked down toward Wal-Mart
For an hour I still had that grin.

Photo by B.T. Blade aka Bruce Bugland