Woman's Spirit

She could trace her roots back many years if she really thought she should
Her grandmother’s grandmother was born in first growth woods

The women in her family were forged like iron in fire
They suffered long without complaint as their spirit’s flame grew higher

Along the trails that traveled through a vast and dangerous land
They forged ahead with courage which matched that of any man

Raising up their children, showing mercy, love, and strength
They stood beside their partners through trials of any length

Through flame and storm and summer heat and winters icy grip
They knew the joy at journey’s end was worth the deadly trip

When left alone with no man near, they persevered through all
No timid wilting roses these. Their hearts were never small.

The history books write mostly of the men who tamed the land
And don’t tell much about the ones who softly held their hand

But what would have we all become without their guiding light?
To envision life without them is just not a pretty sight

With hands that held their babies close, or Winchester or plow
They stood erect, with shoulders squared and faced it all somehow

They've watched their men march off to war, some never to return
And even then, with broken hearts, their spirit did still burn

Throughout all time their spirit shines just like a guiding star
Without their gentle hands and hearts we’d not be who we are

Their spirit is the glue that binds through trying times today
And I for one, can't seem to see it any other way

Photo of Canyon Cowgirl by Helda Huginkiss
© 2008