Western Water

Rivulets cascade down the slope
Picking up speed as they rush along
Eager to join together as one flowing body
Growing larger with each passing minute

Rushing as if it knows time is short
And soon the dry earth will dominate again
Until the sky again releases its gift
In another cycle, another season’s time

Cool and nourishing, it replenishes life
It is the giver and savior
The sound of it brings joy and hope
Without it, all withers and dies

It is the shaper, the builder, and the destroyer
Canyons form at its touch over eons
Mountains wither and shrink
It carves and moves, irresistible

Mountain creeks feed mountain lakes
Meadows bloom above valleys
Brooks become streams become rivers
Rivers become legends

Around boulders, scraping junipers
Washing away and revealing the traces of the ancient ones
It is soft and caressing, sharp and cutting
An overwhelming force of the universe

It cannot be tamed, or conquered, or ignored
It can only be anticipated
or wasted

I awaken and gaze at the cactus
Waves of heat shimmer across the land
Junipers stretch toward the cloudless sky
It was only a dream of salvation

Photo by Lightning Ross aka Ross Maynard
© 2008