The True Western Hero

With his stallion named Rex he roamed far and wide
Doing good deeds wherever he could
Through stampedes and range wars he never once lied
Acted just like a true hero should

So many adventures were shared by this pair
And Rex never failed him one time
Like that time near Laredo when they spotted a pair
Of train robbers committing their crime

His Winchester roared, with the true speed of light
Stood his ground, never feared for his life
With all his guns empty he continued the fight
Using only his whip and his knife

He was wounded six times on that terrible day
Just flesh wounds though, nothing to fret
The crooks went down hard. In the dust they both lay
‘Twas the fate all who fought him had met

The train passengers cheered as he hopped off of Rex
The men shook his hands all around
He was fawned on and cheered by the opposite sex
As the ladies stepped down to the ground

“You’re my hero”, said one as she tried hard to kiss him
But his love was for Rex and high danger
She batted her lashes and knew she would miss him
This tow-headed true Western stranger

He was saved from her charms and her blue eyes so sweet
And he rode off a true Western winner
He hopped on Rex Stickhorse and dashed down the street
As his mom called, "Come home now for dinner"

PaleWolf Brunelle