The Shed

It was just a small project
Least that’s what I thought
When I came up with this brilliant plan

A shed for the wife,
Where she’ll do her ceramics
If  I build it, she’ll think “What a man!”

So I started out simple
A foundation of blocks
And a few 2 by 8 floor joists here

And some 2 by 4 studs
16 penny nails
And some OSB sheets. Oh dear.

And some deck screws of course
And some rafter clips too
And some windows I guess would be good

And before I said Howdy
My dang pickup truck
Was loaded with 2 tons of wood

Then some roof panels next
And the outlets for juice
Of course it would have to have power

A big role of Romex
Some finishing nails
A window box for some dang flowers?

A proper slab door
And tar paper too
And drywall, and primer and paint

And workin all day
in the hot August sun
More water! I’m feeling quite faint.

So the Shed Mahal rises
Each day after day
It seems to go ever so slow

I just hope that maybe
I’ll have it complete
By the time we get the first snow.