The Return of Tennessee Stud

It was quiet tonight over in The Saloon.
The pards were all lost in their thoughts
A bad week it had been, or maybe a month
It was solace in whiskey they sought

Then with barely a whisper of the cool evening breeze
A boot trod the floor with a thud
Through the tall swinging doors, to the hombres surprise
Walked the one they called Tennessee Stud

A few of the old pards, they smiled then and there
Some greenhorns just asked, "Who's that there?"
"It's an old pard you youngsters. Just sit still and learn"
As Stud ran a hand through his hair

To a few pards he nodded. And they nodded back
Not much talk passed between the old friends
He walked to the bar and Bottles came up
And fixed the Stud up with a grin

"My thoughts are my own", says TS soft and low
"I'm just here for a minute or two"
Might stay and might not. Haven't made up my mind
But I reckon you'll know when I do

Way back in the shadows at the edge of the room
Sat an old lawdawg, gamey and grey
He kept his piece holstered and nodded real slight
As Tennessee Stud turned his way

They both poured a drink as the crowd held their breath
Not quite sure what might be going down
Then they both raised their glasses and said, "To lost pards"
"May their trails all be smooth from now on"

Then they smiled at each other and shared one more nod
As Stud headed back to the door
From the shadows the lawdawg said "Welcome back Stud"
"Don't be a stranger no more"

Then he was gone back into the night
For how long none of them knew
The greenhorns looked puzzled, as an old timer said,
"Maybe this time he'll stay. Hope he do"