The New Year
It's just around sunset on a crisp New Years Eve
When the rancher climbs down from his horse
Down below he can see the fine ranch house they’d built
And the kids built a snowman of course

He sits down on a stump at the top of the hill
And fiddles around with his knife
He smiles at his luck and mourns some old losses
And reflects on his family and life

He thinks of the old year and the new one just starting
And who knows what this one will bring
The price of beef’s dropping, the economy’s bad
He just hopes things improve in the Spring

It’s been quite a struggle, getting this place on track
There were surely some hard times and tears
He came back from the war and his wife hardly knew him
Most his wounds have been healed by the years

He went into town and he voted this fall
The Republican lost the race though
He isn’t too thrilled with the incoming man
Just not sure where this country will go

He worries about how they might make ends meet
Sacrifices are coming for sure
Got to hold things together and just persevere
Got to keep things real simple and pure

He’s faced many tough trials in his time here on earth
And it looks like there’s more yet to come
With Gods grace he’ll keep fighting and keep his head high
No matter from where threats may come

“No one said things were easy”, he says soft to himself
And up in the saddle he climbs
And he looked at the words that he’d carved in that stump
“Happy New Year 1889”