The Kid

As he walked to the line they paid him no mind
Just the spotters were watching for fun
Then the buzzer went off and he slapped him some leather
In his hand then appeared his first gun

Five rounds went off like a mini drum roll
In an instant those five knockdowns fell
But before the first knockdown had slammed to the dirt
He was off and was runnin like hell

Then came a sweep, left to right, near to far
The spotters could hardly keep up
Five clangs sounded as if they were one
Just who the heck was this young pup?

Nine rifle rounds next with a reload to boot
This would sure separate boys from men
But the ninth round had barely escaped from the bore
When The Kid tossed the final one in

Next, six rounds of 12 gauge would be the real test
His old side by side showed some wear
He was so fast I swear that before he was done
There were four empty hulls in the air

As the last shot was fired the RO looked up
“I think that the timer just broke”
Ain’t no human being can shoot quite that fast
It’s a miracle, that ain’t no joke!”

As the stunned posse patted the kid on the back
Shocked old men talked among their old selves
“We’ll see y’all later” Laughed his dad to the crowd
“Time to party. Today he turns twelve!”