The Dammitt Gang

If only I could join that gang what an asset I would be!
I’d work to spread the Dammit word and whole philosophy.
I’d help old ladies cross the street and send chow overseas.
I’d raise the Dammit banner high and wave it in the breeze.

But with no Dammitt members near to watch my Darkside antic.
Looks like it shall be status quo, no need to get too frantic.
For some day in the future, a member will pass by
And I’ll crank a round or two off then and light the Western sky

I spect they’ll holler “Dammitt boy! You shore lit up the night!”
“We thought it was a propane tank or  big ole meteorite”.
“Yup”, I’ll say  “It seems to be a  heavy load I guess”
“I sure am glad I have a big hydraulic reloading press”.

Photo by Jittery Jim Jonah aka James Youden
© 2008