The Cost

The tires crunched to a halt on a bright winter day
as the little boy leaped from the car.
“Slow down, John” said his Mom. He was quick as a cat
as boys his age usually are.

He raced through the gate and made a right turn.
He knew exactly which row.
“Be careful” she called, as he scampered along..
“You’ll fall on your tail in the snow”.

But he dashed right along with his fine little flag
never once thinking that he might slip.
He was strong and sure footed, just like his Dad.
And he’d waited all month for this trip.

“Just slow down a bit, I know you’re excited”,
called his mom from way back in the rear
The sun was so bright  as it bounced off the snow
that she felt her eyes starting to tear.

He found the right spot and planted his flag
as he stood at the simple white stone.
He saluted just like his daddy had taught him
And he didn’t feel quite so alone.

On the stone 'neath the name of the little boy's father
Corporal, 4/17/07
Navy Cross
Silver Star
Bronze Star with V
He Now Guards the Streets of Heaven

copyright 2007
Robert De Groff