The kids called her Nonni, and they did it with love
And her face would light up with a smile
In her laughter was music that came from the heart
In the lines on her face were her trials

From the boot of Italia to this land of dreams
She sailed by the side of her man
The century was young and their spirit was strong
They were so proud to work their own land

They raised cows, dogs, and children in their new home upstate
There were good years and some that were lean
And the seasons repeated as seasons will do
And her hair got a silvery sheen

When her love passed away she mourned for her loss
She remembered the good times and strife
And her strength was so great that she just carried on
But wore black for the rest of her life

Hardly ever spoke English but that meant not a thing
She talked with her eyes and her heart
For one hundred years, she lived, loved and laughed
Then her time came at last to depart

Her memory lives on in the warm upstate wind
That blows gently just before fall
And those who she touched with her smile and her love, say
“We’re just blessed to have known her at all”

Photo of Nonni by her Grandson
George Segnini aka Ziggady Zag