The Last Ride

Come ride with me Amigo
We’ll spur these ponies hard
I’ve got a yen for travelin
Up north with my old pard

We can get work up in Laramie
And maybe Cheyenne too
We’ll punch some cows Wyoming style
Yup, that’s just what we’ll do

Come ride with me Amigo
This dusty place’s too hot
We’ll hit the mountains just in time
Too find a nice cool spot

We’ll cut some fishin poles for fun
I love them mountain trout
We’ll stay a week or maybe two
Before we head on out

Kallispell might be the place
Just north of Flathead Lake
Jed Black’s got him a nice spread there
He might give us a stake

Come ride with me Amigo
I’m ready for it now
If any outlaws trouble us
I guess we’ll show em how!

I can see that Big Sky sunset
And smell them lodgepole pines
Come ride with me Amigo
We’ll have ourselves some times

He laid back on his pillow
A smile spread cross his face
We knew he rode with his good pard
Far from this cruel place

And he spoke those last few words
As he finally closed his eyes
And another old time cowpoke
Rode out for Western skies

Photo by Pale Wolf Brunelle aka Tom Rickman
© 2008