Full Moon Canyon

The bright blue sky turned to indigo
above the canyon rim.
The heat of the day began to cool
and the light began to dim.

As the sun sank low toward the distant peaks
the land  began to change.
The shadows lengthened, grew and stretched.
The canyon now looked strange

No longer just the rocky floor
of a slash cut in the land.
It seemed to be a darkened stage
Touched by a magic hand.

Stillness reigned as if the place
was waiting something new.
The shadow blanket covered all
with shades of grey and blue.

The only sound that echoed then
besides the raven’s caw,
were the hoof beats of a cowboy’s horse
moving slowly up the draw.

Then darkness settled, black and swift.
The canyon held its breath.
What might await in such a place?
Surely only pain and death.

The cowboy stopped and calmly sat.
His horse looked all about.
But all was still, no cougar’s cry.
No wild Apache shout.

He waited there as if he knew
a change was still to come.
He’d traveled on this trail before
Without the guiding sun.

Then all at once like quicksilver
piercing the western gloom
Over the rocky canyon rim
appeared the rising moon

The transformation now began.
The creek now blazed with light.
It gleamed and sparkled as if filled.
With diamonds in the night.

The sandstone cliffs gave off a glow
as the lunar lantern blazed
The transformation now complete
The cowboy smiled and gazed

The moonlit path revealed this night
would guide him on his way.
He moved ahead past rocky gates
as swiftly as in day.

And as he reached the canyon’s end
the moon began to sink.
The shadows raced up canyon walls
The creek turned back to ink.

Darkness claimed the canyon then
and soon would come the day.
But when night falls yet once again
the moon will light the way.
Photo by Doc Disaster aka Anthony Perrone