Freedom’s Torch

The Torch has been passed from the last generation
To the ones who must bear it today
Through the fear and despair of a new conflagration.
How heavy that burden must weigh.

Through pain and devotion to duty my friends.
Through your blood, and perhaps even more
You will stand and deliver and hope your heart mends
As did all of our fathers before.

When the battles are more than a man can endure
And you watch seeds of death being sewn
There is one burning truth of which you can be sure
We are there, and you are not alone.

We will reach out from Chosin and fill up your heart
With a courage we found in the snow.
We will call from the fields where we all played a part
Where we gave all we had long ago.

From the hills near old Yorktown we will call softly down
We will try hard to show you the way.
From McHenry we'll call, near old Baltimore town
As Old Glory lights up the new day.

From the beaches of Normandy, rainy and cold
To North Africa's cruel burning sun.
We will whisper the names of such battles of old
Where we struggled together as one.

Ticonderoga, Khe Sanh, Belleau Wood
Argonne and the Philippine Sea
So many names that are burned in our hearts
Are now just a faint memory.

What of the victories we've bought with our pain?
Asks each generation that fought.
Will our fight and our sacrifice all be in vain?
Will the efforts and tears be for naught?

And then at the darkest time somehow again.
The young ones will take up the call.
Our hearts fill to bursting with pride, oh but then
They break when we see one just one fall

For the price of our freedom is a stiff one indeed
And we know well the terrible cost.
And we pray that the next generation won't need
To experience all that we've lost.

But we hope that when the time comes for those men
And we know that it will come once more.
That they rise up and answer the call once again
As all those generations before.

Yes, we've all seen it countless times over the years.
How they stand up across this great land
And it washes away all our doubts and our fears
Our country is still in good hands.