As I stand in the breaking new day and gaze skyward
The bright flag waves proudly ‘neath a backdrop of clouds
Just some cloth and some colors, but a symbol of freedom
A symbol that makes all Americans proud

Not a thing to be worshipped but respected and loved
Be it shiny and fresh or shell shot and stained
Stretching back to the dark days when tyranny ruled
And brave men shook off the cruel monarch’s chains

As it snaps in the wind you may hear other voices
From the Green Mountain boys to the Tripoli shore
Determined to stand for freedom most precious
Patrick Henry, John Adams, Ben Franklin and more

Wherever this flag waves, from the Somme to Bataan
Stand under it’s shadow and know you are free
Free to live, speak, and worship in the way you think best
May it always wave proudly for the whole world to see

Just a banner of cloth here, not an idol to worship
In its fabric are memories, so carefully saved
Stand tall in the sun now and look up at our flag
In it’s fabric are woven the deeds of the brave

Flag Day
Howdy Doody wears his flag
Lazy Bob Ranch flag