Walked out of the house this morning
Hot cup of coffee in hand
And I noticed a wonderful difference
That had fallen over the land

The big cottonwood had some new clothes
Down at the base of the hill
Bright yellow leaves caught the new sun
In the air was the hint of a chill

Not really much different than yesterday
Just a few small degrees or so
Nothing dramatic or big yet
No threat of a storm or of snow

No, just a wee bit of a difference
That lets you know Fall has arrived
You breathe the crisp air in with gusto
It feels good to just be alive

Another hot summer is waning
Dust, bugs, and sweat fade away
In a month they’ll be just a memory
On the wind, the gold leaves will all play

It seems like the briefest of seasons
It’s too pretty to last very long
Very soon it will fade like a sweet dream
And we’ll listen to cruel Winter’s song

But right now we’ll just bask in the glory
Of the seasonal change of the guard
The hummingbirds headed for Tucson
And the Mule Deer are up in the yard

I’m sure glad it’s not 1880
With way too much firewood to cut
Don’t live in a drafty ole bunkhouse
Got a nice door that I can keep shut

But right now I’ll not think of the winter
With it’s grey sullen days and it’s cold
No, right now I’ll just bask in the glory
Of a fine Western Fall full of gold.

Photo by Don Nadler aka Maurice Mo Lasses