Elk Rock

So I sit here just thinking on Elk Rock today
It’s a name I came up with myself
It sticks out a bit from the top of the ridge
Just a very old, flat, sandstone shelf

First time I came up here just checking things out
I looked down and what did I see?
A half dozen Elk standing down by the creek
They were all lookin back up at me

They snorted a bit, tried to figure me out
Then turned and just trotted away
I decided right then that I’d call this Elk Rock
And I still call it that to this day

I can see the house just ‘bout a quarter mile off
Neath a Colorado blue sky
And down to the south Big Ute Mountain still covered
In snow so white it hurts your eyes

It gets windy up here so I hold my hat tight
Or down the canyon it goes
I ‘m careful to sit a bit back from the edge
When it really commences to blow

Now Winter this year was real long and dang frigid
But Spring has shown up here at last
The snow’s mostly melted, the creek’s running high
And Summer is coming on fast

On the way up today I found some fresh antlers
Just a half rack, not a full set
So somewhere round her is an unbalanced mule deer
But I haven’t spotted him yet

On Tuesday I flushed a small rafter of turkeys
Or maybe they kinda flushed me
They were cluckin and chirpin as they moved up the hill
A potential Thanksgiving spree

Now there’s always something that needs being done
Here on the Lazy Bob Ranch
But when the chore’s done I’ll head up to Elk Rock
If you give me just half a chance

Found an arrowhead one day layin there waiting
In the sunshine, I guess just for me
Made me think of the man who had crafted it slowly
And so very skillfully

What did he call this rock then I wondered?
Did he give it a name at all?
Did he hunt here in Summer and feed his small family
Did he leave with the cold in the Fall?

Did he watch the hawks as they flew up the canyon?
Like me did he gaze at the sky?
Did he  smile at the the breeze as the pine needles rustled?
Did the mountains down south catch his eye?

Who were his people? Were they Pueblo or Ute?
Or the Cliffdwellers long before them?
Up here on Elk Rock sometimes my thoughts wander
Can’t help it. That’s just how I am.

There’s a big Pinon Pine that fell in December
Right on the trail to Elk Rock
I’ll move it some time. There’s really no rush
It’s not like I’m punching a clock

Now it’s not the Grand Canyon, or old Yellowstone
Ot the palisades down by the sea.
Just an old sandstone rock on the Lazy Bob Ranch
But somehow it seems to suit me

Yup I like it up here neath this big western sky
I like sittin and thinking and such
Them’s my thoughts for the day and I’d just like to say
Hope that Ididn’t bore you too much

See, Elk Rock is my spot. It’s special to me
In hard times it helps me get through
If you think really hard you just might remember
That you’ve got your own Elk Rock too.