Early Risers

Good friends and companions
Stout comrades in arms
The ones you can stake your life on

They leave us too often
When we need them most
In a moment we look and they’re gone

You can ride the big river
With friends such as these
They’ll be there whenever they’re needed

You can look back and see
That throughout their short lives
‘Twas a fine crop of love that they seeded

They were faithful and true
And smiled easily
And maybe that’s just why they're gone

Maybe there was a plan
That was bigger than us
So they couldn't stay here very long

Just too much goodness
For this poor old earth
Maybe that’s why they rose up so soon

So they rose a bit early
And we’ll meet them again
Out past the stars and the moon

Photo of Dennis Ming supplied by
Howdy Doody
Longshot Logan self portrait
supplied by Happy Trails