Sometimes in the cool morning hours
I awake just before the sun does
As I there all wrapped in the darkness
My mind tries to shake off the fuzz

For a while I’m trapped between this world
And the one that makes up my dreams
Sometimes there’s blood and there’s thunder
And sometimes just clear mountain streams

As the dreams fade quickly away then
Like the mist fades away after dawn
It’s hard to hold on to their substance
In a moment or two they’ll be gone

But the one dream will linger a while yet
And it’s really the best one of all
It comes now and then without warning
In the Spring or sometimes in Fall

As dreams go it seems pretty simple
No weird symbols to analyze
Like flying around in a boxcar
Or winning a Nobel Geek Prize

No, it’s only a quick little snippet
Not an epic that lasts all night long
But it sure is in bold living color
With the warm western wind as a song

It seems that I’m walking the prairie
With those tall mountains just up ahead
At one side is a strong buckskin Mustang
Who seems happy just to be led

And holding my hand on the other 
Is the light and the love of my life
The sunlight is warm, the breeze from the south
I look over and smile at my wife

Some dreams are repeaters that ain’t worth repeatin
Some are keepers, and some sure are not
I hope this one stays around for a while
I reckon I like it a lot

Then the dream fades away with the sunrise
Unlike others, it won’t go away
No, it hangs around warming my soul up
As I rise to greet a new day