The full moon is rising
The breeze stirs the pines
The stars will soon pierce the dark

And just over the hill
A barely heard sound
It’s this brand new evening’s first bark

Just a small “yip” at first
Then a second chimes in
Then a third answers just a bit louder

They begin to compete
Each has his own song
And each one couldn’t be prouder

Now the Navajos say
That the Coyote is strong
And also pretty dang clever

He scattered the stars
And removed most the moons
So now we’ll just have one forever

They say that Coyote
Threw down the seeds
Of  the plants and the trees cross the land

And they’re also immortal
Can’t kill em at all
They’ll come back and still run with their band

We don’t call ‘em Ky Yo Tees
Like city folks do
They’re just know as Ky –Yots round here

Now some folks don’t like ‘em
And use other names
When their singin is all you can hear

They can sure raise the dead
Sometimes in the night
When their shrill canine concert begins

I don’t mind it so much
It was their country first
I try to consider them friends

Now the ranchers and farmers
Have a quite different view
Of  them egg stealin calf killin guys

But you have to admit
It sure sounds like the West
When their singing rings through the night skies