Boston John

The prairie’s a little more lonely tonight
The wind is a little more cold
Around many a campfire and gathering place
The story, with sadness, is told

A good pard has left us, a fine cowboy poet
We wish that he could have stayed on
But that’s not the way of things, that’s not our call
In our hearts, his words will stay on

He was know far and wide, a good friend to many
Brought a smile to many a face
As solid a man seldom rode cross the plains
And we wish he was still in this place

As he rides to another realm, and leaves us behind
Like the coyotes, he’ll roam and be free
But tonight as I listen to those coyotes’ song
It sounds like they’re cryin to me

So we say adios to another great man
As we have many times in the past
So we just we carry on in the best way we can
And we know his memory will last

Like the wide Western sky and the Wyoming peaks
His image will still linger on
And the words of our friend, our pard, Boston John
Will be held in our hearts like a song.