I ain’t like other horses who will tote your butt around
I make my livin tryin hard to put you on the ground

When they pull the gate and count to eight, I swear it makes my day
If you’re on my back I’ll do my best to really make you pay

Your lookin for some cold hard cash and maybe the short go
I’m happy just to kick like hell and you’re the one I’ll throw

The day that you can make the bell you’ll know you’ve had a ride
And you can crow and pound your chest and Yippie Yi with pride

But let me tell you cowboy, you can bet your fancy shirt
that one fine day you’re gonna eat some red arena dirt

It might be up in Cheyenne, maybe at Frontier Days
Or somewhere else, like maybe up around old Santa Fe

My mane’s on fire, my hooves shoot sparks, my spirit’s wild and free
Cause Cowboy, I was born to buck, and I’m the best there be
Born to Buck