I know of a place that's purty dang special
It's just west of Miss Rocky's Saloon
Run by the lady we call Allie Mo
It opens up just about noon

It's known as the Mo House by fellers out there
And they line up go get inside
They come from Sonoma and Bakersfield too
They sure come from far and from wide

When the brandin is done and the cowhands come in
And clean up themselves just a little
They head for the Mo House on Saturday night
And the reason is stricly fer vittles

They fill the place up with a hoot and a holler
Miss Allie greets every danged one
Then fills up their mugs with cold golden beer
And brings out some tasty hot buns

The ribs are just sinful as they drop off the bone
The steaks are always cooked right
There's taters and pie passed around after that
The Mo House lights up the whole night

In the kitchen there's a secret that the cowboys don't know
It's all about cooking the meat
That girl's got a talent not many possess
It's secret and it's pretty neat

No sweet wood is used in the Mo House's kitchen
No charcoal, no mesquite, no oak
When it's time for the cooking, Miss Allie goes back
And just thinks of a little ole joke

Then that smile starts to come and the stove heats right up
Things get bright and get hot pretty quick
The steaks start to sizzle, the beef smokes and pops
Don't believe me? Just look at her pic!

Yup, she's sure got that megawatt smile down pat
And the customers come back for more
When ya cook like she does there's nary a doubt
They'll always line up at the door

Good thing she can turn that smile down just a notch
When she come out to the dining room
A smile that bright could just blind ya fer sure
It might even damage the moon

The Mo House sure has a real small 'lectric bill
Because of that smile Allie's got
I hope she keeps cookin for a long time to come
And the Mo House stays bright and stays hot.

Allie Mo's House