Getting old’s a funny thing, as fast as canyon wind
that comes up when you didn’t think it would.
It seems your life is moving well with all things in their place.
Your main thought every day is, "Life is good".

Then suddenly you realize you’re wiser than you were.
You really don’t know how that came to pass.
Apparently those miles and years that you’ve been racking up
have somehow made a mark that’s going to last.

You think about the things you’ve seen and all the things you’ve done.
You think about the times when you’ve succeeded.
Don’t try to count your failures and don’t think of them with pain.
Sometimes they were exactly what you needed.

You think about the relatives and friends who left too soon.
You mourn them at the tolling of the bell.
But smile as you remember how much happiness they gave.
And you pray you too will be remembered well.

Life’s just a book you write each passing minute, hour, and day
Although sometimes it seems you’re not the writer.
Decisions that you make will echo through the years.
Some times you’ll be the victim, some the fighter.

You have regrets, sometimes so strong they feel like weights of stone
And other times it seems that you can fly.
How did you squeeze all those good years into this one short life?
It’s enough to make you laugh until you cry.

So share the joy of all you’ve learned and all that fills your heart.
Try not to keep it bottled up inside.
And give your best advice to all those youngsters starting out.
Hang on tight boy, it’s gonna to be a ride!