July 4th, 2011
Dove Creek, Colorado
The crowd begins to gather
At the Post Office
At the Park
At the local watering hole
VFW Leads the pack
Green vehicle
Why restore it?
It runs fine.
What did ya expect?
This ain't the East.
Honk if you have horns
It ain't a parade without tractors
Not all the parade entries are elaborate.
Just fun
After the parade, everyone moves to Weber park for the day's celebration.
The four living World War II veterans in Dolores County were recognized with a brief history of their service and given plaques from a greatful community
The Pit Full o' Pork is opened and the folks begin to line up for the feast
Part of the wall honoring local veterans at the VFW hall
Water balloon toss
8-10 year olds race for the gold
The always popular Whack-A-buick.
Fun for all ages.
Happy Independence Day, Folks!