Aaron Webster (Crested Butte Kid)  son of Jeff (Blue Mesa) and Teena Webster lost his life tragically on September 4, 2009.

From the SASS Wire:

For those of you that didn't know Aaron at this stage of his life, I'll offer a brief glimpse of who he was.

Anyone that knew him would say he immediately brought joy to them and had a HUGE heart (much like Teena). He attended Baylor last year, but transfer to UofA to be closer to home and close to his fiancée Heather Buttram, a beautiful, wonderful, girl who will always be part of our family. He was all about helping others, especially kids. He talked of going to Africa to help people there. Always smiling, laughing, bringing the best out of people. He worked the last two summers at the Roger's Activity Center. A local "YMCA" type facility, often for families that are less privileged to attend higher end places. He worked with the 6th graders, and they just loved him. He really cared for them, examples of him buying skate boards for those with little means were examples of his big heart. As the school year started, he would attend class in Fayetteville, then drive back up to Rogers each day to be "super-nanny" to three boys, 2nd grade through 7th. The middle boy Gray, has autism, and Aaron said if he could help him with homework etc... it would train Aaron to be a great Dad. He kept a photo of Gray glued in the front of his wallet.

As many of you know, Aaron was in great physical condition. He was a phenomenal athlete growing up, of which many of you saw or experienced. In the accident, other than the head trauma, his body was perfectly intact. He didn't have a mark on him. God gave us 36 hours with him at this state, a miracle for us to say goodbye.

As hard as it is, we prayed for a miracle and many have already occurred. Aaron delivered many miracles last night. His liver and kidneys will save lives of two children in Little Rock, his lungs will save a person in Wisc, and Ill. His heart which was as big as Texas, will save a 32 yr old Texan. He'll give the gift of sight to two others. And much more.....

We are setting up an Aaron Webster Foundation to help underprivileged children, the form of which we're still working through. Any thoughts of support we'd prefer to go there versus us. More details to follow.

God is faithful. We find great comfort in knowing Aaron is with Jesus. We will be upheld and God will help sustain us.

Our last prayer is that somehow our loss will reach others for Christ, strengthen strained relationships you may have with family members, and that you would take time out to appreciate all the things you have.

A celebration of life service will be held here in Rogers, likely late this week.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support.


Jeff & Teena Webster (a very Blue Mesa)
Crested Butte Kid
The Aaron Webster Memorial Fund for helping underprivileged children has been set up. Any gifts you care to send are tax deductible. Please mail any donations to the address below.

Aaron Webster Memorial Fund
The Rogers Activity Center
315 West Olive Street
Rogers, Arkansas 72758

For questions contact Coleta Paris @
(479) 631-0336 x 434